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Colors Indoor/Outdoor

The custom pillows and cushions on the web site have a choice of upholstery quality fabric.
You can select the fabric on most pillows from a pull down box labeled "select cover", in the page of the product. If you are not certain about the way the color actually is, please request a swatch (email us at [email protected] ) of the color and we will gladly send it(up to 3 colors please). We also sell the fabrics by the yard online (look under fabrics on the side menu).

These are the color choices available for the decorative pillows and cushions:
(Click on the preview to see larger.)

 • INDOOR / OUTDOOR • .°.°.°.°- Solid Colours  .°.°.°.°

Sunbrella Canvas Black 5408-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Charcoal 54048-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Flax 5492-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Granite 5402-0000 Sunbrella Forest Green 5446-0000
Aqua Blue Sunbrella Canvas Spa 5413-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Teal 5456-0000 Atlantic Blue Sunbrella Canvas Camel 5468-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Natural 5404-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Canvas 5453-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Iris 5702-0000 Sunbrella Echo Midnight 8076-0000 Sunbrella Heather Beige 5476-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Sapphire Blue 5452-0000 Sunbrella Canavs Pacific Blue 5401-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Navy Blue 5439-0000 Sunbrella Concord 6065-0000 Sunbrella Canavs Coral 5427-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Antique Beige 5422-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Camel 5468-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Teak 5488-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Bay Brown 5432-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Walnut 5470-0000
Coversun Rojo Sunbrella CanvasTuscan 5417-0000 Sunbrella Logo Red 5477-0000 Sunbrella Jockey Red 5403-0000 Sunbrell Canvas Burgundy 5436-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Mineral Blue 5420-0000 Sunbrellas Canvas Air Blue 5410-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Sky Blue 5424-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Capri 5426-0000 Sunbrella Canvas True Blue 5499-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Tuscan 5417-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Rust 54010-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Terracota 5440-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Grenadine 48027-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Ginkgo 54011-0000
Sunbrella Sailcloth Salt 32000-0018 Sunbrella Sailcloth Suntan32000-0007 Sunbrella Sailcloth Sienna 32000-0017 Sunbrella Canvas Cork 5448-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Paprika 5451-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Wheat 5414-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Vellum 5498-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Antique Beige 5422-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Cocoa 5425-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Taupe 5461-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Hot Pink 5462-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Henna 5407-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Melon 5415-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Brick 5409-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Garnet 18003-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Coal 5489-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Graphite 48030-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Dove 48032-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Charcoal 54048-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Char 18009-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Parrot 5405-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Macaw 5429-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Palm 5421-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Fern 5487-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Turf 5447-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Bird Eye 5472-0000 Sunbrella Sailcloth Shore 320000-0003 Sunbrella Canvas Brass5484-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Buttercup 5438-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Sunflower Yellow 5457-0000
Sunbrella Heritage Papyrus 18006-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Wheat 18008-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Ashe 1800-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Mink 18005-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Granite 18004-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Aruba 5416-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Glacier 5428-0000 Heavenly Mist Sunbrella Frequency Ash 56092-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Denim 18010-0000    
Sunbrella Canvas White 57003-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Crimson 48035-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Capri 5426-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Dusk 5491-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Blush 57000-0000    
Sunbrella Spectrum Cilantro 48022-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Cayenne 48026-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Caribou 48083-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Denim 48086-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Sesame 48084-0000    
Sunbrella Spectrum Sand 48019-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Peacock 48081-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Tangerine 5406-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Pumpkin 18007-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Leaf 18011-0000    
Sunbrella Echo Teak 8077-0000 Sunbrella Hybrid Smoke 42079-0000 Sunbrella Hybrid Sky 42078-0000 Sunbrella Surge Char 56086-0000 Sunbrella Surge Oak 56090-0000    
Sunbrella Echo Sangria 8080-0000 Sunbrella Frequency Sand 56094-0000 Sunbrella Surge Maize 56091-0000 Sunbrella Action Ash 44285-0001 Sunbrella Cast Ash 40428-0000    
Sunbrella Cast Lagoon 40456-0000 Sunbrella Cast Petal 40431-0000 Sunbrella Cast Slate 40434-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Regatta 5493-0000 Sunbrella Surge Oak 56090-0000    
Sunbrella Action Linen 44285-0000 Sunbrella Echo Dune 57007-0000 Sunbrella Sailcloth Space 32000-0027 Sunbrella Spectrum Indigo 48080-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Carbon 48085-0000    
Sunbrella Sailcloth Shade 32000-0036 Sunbrella Spectrum Cherry 48096-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Cyan 56105-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Chestnut 57001-0000 Sunbrella Echo Ash 57005-0000    
Sunbrella Sailcloth Shade 32000-0036 Sunbrella Platform Indigo 42091-0003 Sunbrella Platform Salt 42091-0013 Sunbrella Blend Linen 16001-0014 Revolution Nude Beach White
Revolution Beckon Slate Revolution Anchorage Slate Revolution Nude Beach Grey Revolution Brightside Cobalt Revolution Beckon Hemp
Revolution Anchorage Pearl Revolution Rumba Wheat Revolution Nude Beach Carbon Revolution Brightside Teal Revolution Beckon Salt
Revolution Beckon Cloud Terrasol Bimini Canvas Snow Outdura Sandstone Revolution Brightside Lavender Revolution Beckon Indigo
Revolution Nude Beach Teal Revolution Nude Beach Natural Revolution Brightside Dark Navy Revolution Brightside Ice Revolution Nude Beach Red
Revolution Nude Beach Blue Coversun Beige Coversun Burgundy Coversun Silver Ceist Pearl
Ceist Platinum Ceist Jade Ceist Royal Outdura Cadet Grey Coversun Chocolate
Coversun Dark Grey Coversun Light Grey Ceist Royal Coversun White Coversun Chocolate
Prism Deep Sea Blue Green Outdura Reflection Snow Prism Carbon Prism Gecko Prism Coral
Prism Persian Blue Prism Silver Taupe Coversun Royal Blue Prism Marine Blue Terrasol Bimini Canvas Kiwi
Prism Breeze Prism Ash Prism Slate Prism Shale Prism Dove
Prism Lagoon Prism Lite Green Coversun Vanilla Prism Lite Mist Revolution Nude Beach Sky
Sunbrella Action Stone 44285-0002 Prism Lite Green Coversun Vanilla Prism Lite Mist Revolution Nude Beach Sky

• INDOOR / OUTDOOR •    °¤~¤°  Strippes & Patterns   °¤~¤°

Sunbrella Linen Taupe 8374-0000 Sunbrella Rib Taupe/Antique Beige 7761-0000 Sunbrella Linen Antique Beige 8322-0000 Sunbrella Rib Taupe Antique Beige 7761-0000 Sunbrella Sailcloth Sahara 32000-0016
Tan Pin Stripe Sunbrella Canvas Taupe 5461-0000 Sunbrella Rib Taupe-Antique Beige 7761-0000 Sunbrella Linen Champagne 8300-0000 Sunbrella Rib Taupe-Antique Beige 7761-0000
Sunbrella Sunbrella Linen Straw 8314-0000 8314-0000 Sunbrella Renata Hemp 8005-0000 Sunbrella Regency Sand 5695-0000 Sunbrella Maxim Heather Beige 5674-0000 Simone Rocco
Ghost Square Sunbrella Linen Natural 8304-0000 Sunbrella Rib Natural 7704-0000 Gold Pin Stripe Linen Pampas 8317-0000
Dark Plump Linen Sumbrella Solano Fiesta 56098-0000 Sunbrella Accord Koi 45922-0001 Sunbrella Gateway Mist 58039-0000 Sunbrella Accord Jade 45922-0000
T Black T Tangerine T Grass T Red T Caribbean
Blue Green Texture Sunbrella Astoria Lagoon 56096-0000 Sunbrella Fischer Sunset 45885-0001 Sumbrella Peyton Granite 56075-0000 Green Violet Stripe
Sunbrella Astoria Sunset 56095-0000 Sunbrella Linen Canvas 8353-0000 Sumbrella Cove Cameo 58037-0000 Gray & Blue Sunbrella Fretwork Pewter 45991-0002
Silver & Green Silver & Gray Sunbrella Linen Silver 8351-0000 Sunbrella Cabana Regatta 58029-0000 Sunbrella Wyndham Mocha 8036-0000
Checker Board Brass Black Sunbrella Steeplechase Malibu 56064-0000 Antique Beige Stripe Sunbrella Mediterranean/Canvas Block Stripe 4921-0000
Sunbrella Shore Regatta 58032-0000 Sunbrella Reflex Regatta 145094-0001 Melbourne Parrot Chenillela Brick Sunbrella Seville Seaside 5608-0000
Sunbrella Cabana Classic 58030-0000 Sunbrella Rainbow Stripe Sunbrella Hardwood Peridot Sunbrella Linen Straw 8314-0000 Sunbrella Linen Champagne 8300-0000
Sunbrella Brisque Brown 4773-0000 Sunbrella Platform Indigo 42091-0003 Sunbrella Platform Salt 42091-0013 Sunbrella Blend Linen 16001-0014 Vivid Radiant Garden
Soft Deco Red Sunbrella Linen Chili 8306-0000 Sunbrella Milano Char 56079-0000 Sunbrella Milano Cobalt 56080-0000 Sunbrella Brannon Redwood 5612-0000
Light Blue Stripe Sunbrella Stanton Lagoon 58001-0000 Amazon Terracotta Kohola Stripe Sunbrella Violeatta Baltic 45760-0002
Sunbrella Berenson Toxedo 8521-0000 Sunbrella Dorsett Autumn 5698-0000 Red White Blue Stripe Bronze Garden Sunbrella Bravada Limelite 5602-0000
Spice Brass Vintage Sunbrella Bravada Salsa 5601-0000 Dimone Rainforest Sunbrella Dimone Sequoia 8031-0000 Sunbrella Weston Ginger 56005-0000
Sunbrella Foster Classic 56050-0000 Lemoyne Terrace Sunbrella Davidson Redwood 5606-0000 Saliceto Terrace Terracotta Jungle
Sunbrella Foster Metalic 56051-0000 Night Jungle Night Delight Moreno Terrace Ruby Red Garden
Amazon Brown Light Red Buds Minty Green Garden Silver Garden Spring Garden
Pierette Franco Vermillion Sunbrella Dolce Mango 56000-0000 Sunbrella Dolce Oasis 56001-0000 Hardwood Crimson Ocean Drive Jungle
Key West Aqua Amorium Tiki Sunbrella Brannon Whisper 5621-0000 Ruby Leafs Wine Leafs
Big Green Stripe Random Green Stripe Green Checkerboard Blue Stripe Big Blue Stripe
Sunbrella Maxim Cocoa 5626-0000 Sunbrella Hardwood Cocoa 5604-0000 Light Blue Stripe Sunbrella Dupione Oak 8057-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Stone 8060-0000
Sunbrella Dupione Pearl 8010-0000 Sunbrella Rib Antique Beige 7761-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Sand 8011-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Latte 8066-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Walnut 8017-0000
Sunbrella Dupione Nectarine 8064-0000 Sunbrella Marcello Sunset 40236-0009 Sunbrella Dupione Caramel 8059-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Henna 8056-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Papaya 8053-0000
Sunbrella Dupione Aloe 8068-0000 Dupione Sea Foam Sunbrella Dupione Paradise 8050-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Peridot 8024-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Palm 8052-0000
Sunbrella Dupione Laurel 8015-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Deep Sea 8019-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Celeste 8067-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Maize 8014-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Galaxy 8016-0000
Sunbrella Dupione Dove 8069-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Bamboo 8013-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Cornsilk 8012-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Crimson 8051-0000 Tredian Fresco  
Hillstone Pimenton Felton River Laperta Noir Laperta Rain Water Sunbrella Villete Rococco 45155-0004  
Valbella Terracota Noreya Fiesta Noreya Pacific Musgrave Pacific FC-Tome Sea  
Waynoka Fiesta FC-Said Amazon Valb Province Night Garden Exotic Night Garden  
Liesure Fresco Royal Blue Stripes Royal Blue Circles Amorium Fresco Pelton-Fresco Mandarin  
Radiant Garden Terracotta Garden Aruba Jardin Malkus Blue Malkus Salsa  
Tiki Beige Garden Tomesa Franco South Seas Tredian Fresco Spice Rainforest Terracotta Rainforest Pacific  
Rainforest Fresco Amazon Fresco Penton Fresco Scarlet Red Outdura Sail Away Tamale Emerald Green Sea Shell  
Burgundy Orchid Garden Vivid Radiant Garden Blooming Vineyard Rocky Mountain Stripes Ceist Platinum  
Modern Grey Waterproof Royal Blue Palm Leaves Kaleidoscope Grey Eclectic Grey Strawberry Flowers  
Coversun Navy White Stripes Ceist Jade Atlantic Blue Aqua Blue Long Stem Garden  
Heavenly Mist Platinum Blue Diamond Tangerine Majestic Nights Ceist Royal  
Outdura Cadet Grey Outdura Reflection Snow Diamond Strawberry Hedda Ruby Olive Orchid Garden  
Lenore Zaffre Bifrost Light Taupe Waterproof Black Daisies Terrasol Ceasar Driftwood Terrasol Paradise Jet  
Flamingo Black Terrasol Tropical Ebony Classic Wood Stripe Pastel Palm Leaves Coral Charcoal Stripe  
Terrasol Belize Black Rust Tangerine Stripe Classic Wood Stripe Tuscan Stripe Kaleidoscope Apple Green  
Terrasol Bamboo Black Rust Tangerine Stripe Classic Wood Stripe Tuscan Stripe Kaleidoscope Apple Green  


 • VINYL • .°.°.°.° Leather Imitation  .°.°.°.°

Chocolate Marine Vinyl Voyage Marine Black Vinyl Voyage Marine Shell Vinyl Voyage Marine Grey Vinyl Voyage Marine White Vinyl
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