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Fabric Color Indoor

The custom pillows and cushions on the web site have a choice of upholstery quality fabric.
You can select the fabric on most pillows from a pull down box labeled "select cover", in the page of the product. If you are not certain about the way the color actually is, please request a swatch (email us at ) of the color and we will gladly send it(up to 3 colors please). We also sell the fabrics by the yard online (look under fabrics on the side menu).

These are the color choices available for the decorative pillows and cushions:
(Click on the preview to see larger.)

 • INDOOR ONLY • .°.°.°.°- Strippes & Patterns  .°.°.°.°

Gold Diamonds Gold Floral Gold Leaf Light Gold Leaf Onyx Chocolate
Tan Textured New Port Claret City Slicker Cream Beige Plaid Snow White Floral
New Port Graphite Burgundy Mushroom Frosty Beige SS4105 Saalo Hava Light Topaz
Antique Vine New Port Saffire Mazing Fog Echelon Marble M8954 Lawn
Birch Leaf Impressions Cream Textured Lime Textured Polemo Steel
Fonthill Honey Wavey Midas Cayenne Champagne Coconut Cluster Edwina Cliffside Noir
Brandy Weave Deron Vermillion Liege Clay Onyx Brown Moss Weave
M5889B Pheasant SS4107 Paoli Taupe Rainforest Stripe SS4105 Saalo Teak Ebony Web
M9360 Amber Petals Bria Strawberry Bria Alessi Neutral Crescent Mint
New Port Teak New Port Mushroom Fudge Textured Golden Wheat Textured Antwerp Wheat
Flowery Jungle M9482 Pine Fine Line Gold Dominoes Polemo Pearl
Onyx Square Tapestry Rouge Linen Linen Weave Dark Honey Mascot M9482 Briar
New Port Brick Majestic Moss Fine Line White Antique Jade Fetching Linden
Liege Onyx M9499B Pumpkin Caramel Haze Liege Porcelain Tamale Cluster
Recall Tiger Eye Deron Vermillion Senator Flaxen Senator Claret Senator Ebony
Straw Weave Wavey Tangerine Cubical Cocoa Haze Diamond Gray
Aqua Reef Reef Night Garden Rattan Rust Linen
M7616 Opal Four Square Seagrass Liege Coffee Lawton Shadow New Port Moss
Burgundy Vine City Slicker Bronze New Port Lagoon Mustard Textured Barrett Sun Dried
Gold Cannes Coppertone Coppertone Rust Marseille Bronze Marseille Ivory
Sage Cannes Camel Montecarlo Bronze Montecarlo Rust Montecarlo Ivory Montecarlo
Rust Cannes Bronze Cannes Rust Marseille Coffee Montecarlo Ivory Limoges
Sage Limoges Ash Verde Wine Large Diamond Patina Lissoni Brown Red
Ebb Tide Tourmaline Polemo Monsoon Natural Linen Verticle Horizon Trebon Shale
Pecan Textured Rouge Textured Onyx Sunshine Knit Wit Black New Port Ivory
Big Boy Desert Big Boy Storm Eclectic Ecru Cari Black New Port Chamois
Jellybean Kiribati Smoke Edgy Cream Dark Honey Comb Longoria Black
Bark2 Antique Linen Antique Burgundy Vine Dune Rust Textured
Garnet Ambrose Teak Edgy Moss New Port Flannel Hendrix Ebony
Moss Wave Lounge Lizard Java Mazing Harsbor Fine Line Tangerine Honey Toupe Textured
Fetching Smoke Edgy Black Kiribati Peacock Mazing Godiva Daves Tapestry
New Port Fawn Heritage Papyrus Fine Line Gray Bramberg Siren Ruby Wave
Burgundy Textured Michele Bayou New Port Pacific Mazing Onyx Echelon Jet
Gabbana Midas Rotterdam Wood Rotterdam Cooper Edwina Cliffside Natural Tangerine Reef
Bern Clay Bern Sand Bern Sunshine Velvet Marigold Four Square Cranberry
M9388 Fiesta M9645 Sequoia Stripe Infinite Siesta Alaska Camel Alaska Olive
M8950B Walnut Amberes Copper Fine Line Sage Light Maple Gabbana Ivory
Fine Line Aqua Antwerp Olive Antwerp Sand Moss Diamond Onyx Beige Square  
Salsa Leaf New Port Marmalade Caviar New Port Gumball New Port Antique  
New Port Walnut M9482 Cardinal New Port Expresso New Port Olive New Port Cornflower
New Port Bittersweet New Port Burgundy New Port Mist New Port Raspberry New Port Spinach
New Port Camel Bucle Chocolate Bucle Brandy Bucle Hazelnut Prance Ara Teal
Bucle Cranberry Bucle Camel Bucle Olive Bucle Mushroom M9388 - PAPAYA
New Port Russet New Port Wine New Port Rouge Cari Gunmetal New Port Charcoal
Wine Textured Mosaic New Port Lagoon Rust Montepelier Tan Diamond
M9564 DUNE M9452 Espresso M9452-Truffle M9564 TABACCO Teac Linen
M9482 Oatmeal M9482 Expresso Texture M9452 Lava Soft Touch Midnight M9564 Amber
M9388 Seagull M9482 Pecan M9132 Jasper SS4105 Saalo Steel SS4107-Paoli Java
M9097 Crayola M8843B Caviar M10484 Royal Blue M9452 Jade King Arthur Cobalt
Alexandria Linen Wheat Alexandria Linen Cocoa Alexandria Linen Chocolate Alexandria Linen Buff M9452 Sapphire
Alexandria Linen Citrus Alexandria Linen Ruby Alexandria Linen Taupe Alexandria Linen Rust Alexandria Linen Dove
Crushed Velvet Olive Crushed Velvet Saddle Crushed Velvet Black Crushed Velvet Copper Crushed Velvet Cream
M9462 Earth M9462 Carribean Crushed Velvet Morado Crushed Velvet Chocolate Crushed Velvet Red
M9443 Natural M9443 Claret M9443 Lead M9443 Wheat M9444-Rattan Weave
M9444 Silver Brown M9444 Sea Green M9444 Macaw Green Blue M9444 Tangerine Rust M9444 Aqua
M9444 Light Silver M9444 Straw M9467 Aqua Green M9467 Tangerine Green M9467 Moonlight
Raffia Suede Cream Raffia Suede Deep Sand Raffia Suede Marigold Raffia Suede Brick Raffia Suede Sage 15
Raffia Suede Light Blue Raffia Suede Granite Raffia Suede Pewter Raffia Suede Stone 27 Raffia Suede Sunshine
Light Cherry Red M9152 Off White Chenille Coffee Raffia Suede Brick Raffia Suede Cinnabar
M9363 Linen Dove M9363 Linen Coffee Duke Mink M6088 Oatmeal Leaf M9388 Alegre
Duke Poppy M9061 Wheat Glitz Mica M9360 Garnet Petals M9360 Eucalyptus
Aqua Turquoise M9755 Linen Truffle Siskiyou Noir Cocoa Weave Vincennes Garde
WestHaven Seaglass M9692 Pumite Scully Black Tweed Flax Ehlers Marines
Rico Choco Taurus Storm Priviledge Java Orwick Red Patrona Blue
Zilch Cream Zilch Nile Madeline Sunset M9151 Bronze M9490 Plum
M9678 Mink M7414 Claret M9362B Burgundy M9460 Spice M8711B Spring
Salacious Oyster Tourney Espresso Tourney Fire Tourney Smoke Tourney Tsunami
Kiribati Vapor Larkin Wheat M6167 Willow Rini Mulberry Ennis Orchid
Ennis Passion Rini Platinum Rothwell Amber Rothwell Russet Ennis Marine
Ennis Truffle Ennis Orangeade Ennis Tomato Ennis Aqua M9639 Autumn
Rini Merlot Weiss Charcoal Tamworth Toffee Tamworth Seamist Rothwell Lake
M9639 Fall T11020 Winter M7198 Potpourri Carrara Cafe Niagara Pearl
Niagara Camel Hyatt Onyx Linato Mink M6199 Chiffon M9876 Navy
Duke Smoke Duke Camel Duke Pebbles Oakley Ink Oakley Black
Duke Cayenne Oakley Sand Duke Pebbles Oakley Copper M9763 Sherbert
M9763 Fawn M9863B Mushroom M9738 Bahama Bella Ink M9763 Saddle
Pasta Mochablue Memoirs Wheat Madeline Bronze Pioneer Ruby Costner Lipstick
M6947 Tangerine M8914 Mushroom M9313 Marigold M9389 Espresso M9389 Espresso Grey
M9365 Kelly M9365 Passion Wisp Otter Wisp Olive Wisp Grapevine
Wisp Carrot Kira Calypso M8273 Bittersweet M9267 Garnet Fine Line Plantain
Textured Olive Irish Copper Jackson Walnut M9394 Licorice M8837 Raffia
M9350 Ember M9402 Garnet Jenner Cafe Bria Cocoa M9393 Scarlet
M9971 Spring Flower M9335 Amethyst M8018B Harvest Auburn Cashew Arcade Fog
Electric Denim Pecan Avenue Chocolate Avenue Charcoal Avenue Henson Dove
Alaska Beige Weiss Jet Moxie Red Gambler Smoke Steinway Onyx
M9444 Amethyst Castor Paprika Scrimshaw Denim Favored Spotlight Favored Henna
Shoreditch Russet Shoreditch Midas Henson Mocha M9444 Teak M9613 Sapphire
Prince Blackberry Filigree Charcoal Deluxe Shadow M9445 Driftwood Benson Camel
Prince Java Filigree Chocolate Arcade Chocolate Filigree Pecan Benson Ivory
M9179 Sapphire M9179 Sapphire Supreme M8372 Linen Arcade Marine M6041 Java
Brooksby Buff Brooksby Black Presto Citron Royal Wine M9445 Golden
M8929B Olive Congroo Steel M10144 Cobalt Lino Ocean Lino Wine
M9712 Grey Jabari Peacock Jabari Wheat Congroo Dove Weiss Grey
Lino Sky Lino Plum Lino Light Blue Pamla Wheat Geneva Caramel
M9428 Teak Benson Chocolate Hayes Mocha M10070 Agave M9445B Geranium
M10138 Teak M10138 Teak Stripe M9881 Natural M10081 Linie Charcoal Weave
Silver Reef M10155 Slate Edgy Sage Intermix Pewter Charcoal Diamonds
M9577 Sea Glass Jellybean 2 Linen Onyx Maple Brown Seville Deep Midnight Marine
Oakley Charcoal Wendell Chestnut Wendell Ink Onyx Diamond Silver Weave
Prince Roast Pamla Ivory Dark Navy Blue M10147 Sapphire Admiral Blue
Geneva Sky Blue Midnight Blue Fresco Pool Old Country Linen Cornflower Opaque Deep Walnut
Eaton Ivory Lawn Cluster M9881 Almond M9881 Lite Aqua Presto Pecan
Linen Rustic Beige M10072 Harbour M10082 Brownstone Royal Blue Velvet Swirl M10174 Bark
M10081 Seaglass Silver Velvet Swirl M10081 Twilight M10092 Indigo Purple Velvet Swirl
M10154 Lapis Emerald Velvet Swirl M10114 Raif Arabella Otter Hendrix Taupe
Arabella Dove Elegant Grey Hendrix Silver Lino Grey Bird Of Flight
M10092 Inverted Grey Royal Mocha Cordova Wine Zircon Burlap Deep Ash Textured
Wine Velvet Swirl Espresso Textured M9989 Prussia M9738 Block Diamond Maple M9738 Block Diamond Charcoal
Cream Textured 2 King David Cobalt Azure Brilliant Teal Odran Saffron
Hercules Saffron Dulcet Saffron Rustic Rust Klein Linen Midnight Randwick Spa
Pongo Aqua Bruton Parchment Peacock Garden Honeycomb Charcoal M9738 Block Diamond Light Charcoal
Da Vinci Charcoal Brindle Winken Burg Alexandria Linen White Block Oak Wiota Russet
Bronco Black Athens Stone Athens Nugmed Zircon Beige Athens Parchment
Charcoal 70 Cocoa Comb Walnut Comb Athens Ash Deep Chocolate Block Velvet
Chocolate Shell Velvet M10331 Nugmed Monterey Marine Bingley Fog Streaky Marine
Arlington Midnight Rothwell Lagoon Midnight Charcoal Aruba Sunset Center Force
Monterey Chocolate Bingley Slate Manhattan Charcoal T11389 Cream Center Force 2
M10144 Linen Diamond Smoke Bradley Pewter M10324 Linen Textured Charcoal
M9598 Pacific Dakota Midnight Bella Rouge Bella Merlot M9989B Scarlet
Alexandria Linen Grey Alexandria Linen Turquoise Alexandria Linen Seashell Light Green Mist Misto Mist
M10242 Spa Bryant Park Peacock Navy a La King Eaton Slate Castor Indigo
Mathis Flax Bella Goldenrod M10264B Seal Fairfield Onyx Charcoal Frost
Misto Charcoal M10352B Flannel Vienna Pearl Emerald Textured Brooksby Chocolate
Polemo Bark M10484 Mahogany M10484 Beige M9482 Admiral M10484 Agave
Ibiza Midnight M10352B Flannel M10542 Bark M9989B Nile On Track Slate
Elegant Grey 2 M9591 Curry M10082 Alibaster Belford Vermillion Rishon Chocolate
Alexandria Linen Grass Alexandria Linen Dusty Rose Zander Cocoa Big Zipper Navy Riley Chocolate
Gladiator Havana Valdosta Mist Bella Ocean Valdosta Blackbird Bennett Ink
Baylor Vintage Dakota Light Grey Amigo2 Navy Monterey Smoke Expo Linen Chocolate
Expo Linen Wood Expo Linen Royal Blue Expo Linen Latte Conjure Graphite Alistair Baltic
Twill Suede Chocolate Twill Suede Goldenrod Sevilla Burlap M10268 Briar M10344 Twan
Zander Sand Monterey Ocean M10138 Coch Dakota Cement Ibiza Tabacco
Alexandria Linen Parchment Alexandria Linen Apple Green Alexandria Linen Sea M10268 Briar Jayce Pewter
Toledo Graphite Alton Truffle Alton Taupe Baylor Cement M10334 Platinum
Toledo Navy M10141 Briar On Track Graphite Misto Cayenne Klein Linen Marine
Farrel Dove Alexandria Linen Ecru Vienna Ecru M10268 Bittersweet Las Vegas Coffee
Las Vegas Brandy Meadow Mist Meadow Olive Las Vegas Wine Las Vegas Chocolate
Bella Smoke Bella Granite Las Vegas Ivory Tumbling Ink Tumbling Flannel
Tafnir Sapphire Hasp Tabacco Smoke Orion Indigo Lewistone Birch Sabelli Pinot Noir
Parker Petroleo Parker Indigo Concept Indigo Nexgen Fawn Harvard Buff
Hedge Maze Red Sea Tide Alps Snow M9989 Tawny M9989 Cornflower
Alexandria Linen Stone Charcoal Nights Las Vegas Mist Misto Aqua Ocean Pearl
Costa Gris Stark White Weave Daida Midas Interconnection Cyan Yankee Acero
Sequence Linen Sachi Midnite Weiss Slate Misto Denim Nakano Mostaza
Costa Chocolate Weiss Mist Bimini Sands Ruscombe Ivory Gardner Winter
Prism Earth Mosaic Earth M10077 Twilight Oatmeal Leaf 2 Viva Ivory
Niagara Linen Natural Textured Fudge Shanti Taupe Jayce Charcoal M10792 Storm
M10268 Fog M10268 Charcoal M10268 Ocean M10268 Citrino M9589 Bark
Medina Ink M9881 Hemp Lino Silver Weiss Nugget Kholberg Powder
Weiss Dove Kholberg Linen Kholberg Azure M9881 Grey Hailsham Flannel


• INDOOR ONLY •    °¤~¤°  Solid Colours   °¤~¤°

Micro Suede
Melon Velvet Suede Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Wine Velvet Suede
Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Dijon Velvet Suede Olive Green Textured Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Celadon Velvet Suede Micro Suede
Hunter Green
Moss Velvet
Micro Suede
Platinum Textured Micro Suede
Sage 11
Micro Suede Passion Gunmetal Micro Suede
Khaki 21
Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Micro Suede
Navy Velvet
Micro Suede
Micro Suede Passion Oyster Micro Suede Passion Sage Micro Suede Passion Chocolate Apple Red Velvet Suede Khaki Velvet Suede
Micro Suede Passion Platinum Micro Suede Passion Charcoal Micro Suede Passion Black Micro Suede Line Black Silver Velvet Swirl


 • VINYL • .°.° Leather Imitation & Genuine Leather  .°.°

Beige Venezuelan
Black Navy
Burgundy Dark Grey Vinyl Dempsy Latte Polyurethane Spokane Prairie Vinyl Oswego Prairie Vinyl
Bismark Charcoal Vinyl Powell Tabacco Vinyl Pasco Ochre Vinyl Sizzle Pewter Vinyl Sizzle Azure Blue Vinyl
Sizzle Pearl Vinyl Ford White Vinyl Rawhide Flint Vinyl Rawhide Saddle Vinyl Rawhide Cognac Vinyl
Rawhide Espresso Vinyl Rawhide Brown Vinyl Sienna Rustic Vinyl Rawhide Black Vinyl Calico Vanilla Vinyl
Destry Tabacco Leather Imitation Dempsy Caramel Vinyl Dempsy Black Polyurethane Elliot Putty Doe Vinyl Dempsy Brown Polyurethane
Black 3100 Vinyl Melvin Black Vinyl Ford Red Vinyl Clive Pewter Vinyl Rambler Black Vinyl
Valiant Espresso Vinyl Going Hazel Vinyl Dude Barn Red Vinyl Eggplant Vinyl Affinity Chestnut Vinyl
MrJ Black Vinyl MrJ Light Chocolate Vinyl Dark Green Vinyl Remington Mesa Leather Immitation MrJ True Green Vinyl
Glossy Black Vinyl Royal Beige Genuine Leather Royal Dark Grey Genuine Leather Royal Flat Black Genuine Leather Flynn Tan Vinyl
Dude Raven Vinyl Bismark Ochre Vinyl Venice Black Vinyl Valient Polynesian Blue Vinyl Aire Pitch Vinyl
Contessa Olive Vinyl Midwest Saddle Vinyl Rawhide Black 2 Vinyl Coffee Vinyl Sevilla Grey Vinyl
Cabriolet Chocolate Vinyl Manford Latte Vinyl Smooth Chocolate Fudge Vinyl Melvin Chocolate Vinyl Volcano Black Vinyl
Haning Chocolate Vinyl Tecopa Walnut Vinyl Marksman Mustang Vinyl Clive Chestnut Vinyl Sedona Saddle Vinyl
Marksman Camel Vinyl Contessa Verona French Toast Vinyl Topeca Granite Vinyl Clive Chestnut Vinyl Sedona Saddle Vinyl
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